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The vast majority of USA notaries are appointed by their individual states and, save for Florida civil law notaries (also known as Florida International Notaries), such notaries are limited to acting within their own state. 

Please note that only the state of Florida has created a civil law notary with the authority to notarise documents including "Authentic Acts" both within and without the state of Florida and including other nations.  It is the Florida Department of State which has created this new type of notary, the Florida Civil Law Notary (also known as a Florida International Notary), who can notarise documents from both within and without the United States.  

The “Authentic act” means an instrument executed by a civil-law notary referencing this section, which instrument includes the particulars and capacities to act of any transacting parties, a confirmation of the full text of any necessary instrument, the signatures or their legal equivalent of any transacting parties, the signature and seal of a civil-law notary, and such other information prescribed by the Secretary of State.

The contents of an authentic act and matters incorporated therein shall be presumed correct. A civil-law notary may also administer an oath and make a certificate thereof when it is necessary for execution of any writing or document to be attested, protested, or published under the seal of a notary public. A civil-law notary may also take acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments of writing for record, and solemnize the rites of matrimony, as fully as other officers of this state. A civil-law notary is not authorized to issue authentic acts for use in a jurisdiction if the United States Department of State has determined that the jurisdiction does not have diplomatic relations with the United States or is a terrorist country, or if trade with the jurisdiction is prohibited under the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, as amended, 50 U.S.C. ss. 1, et seq.

I have been a Florida civil-law notary since 2004.  A Florida civil law notary must be an attorney who is a member of the Florida Bar in good standing, and who has been in international legal practice for at least 5 years.  Additionally, relevant courses are required of course and exam must be passed before being appointed.  The statute and documents governing this are set out in Florida Statute, Ch. 118, and the Administrative Rule, 1N-6.001.  As one of the 137  appointed Florida International Notaries, I am able further to Florida Statute 695.03 to notarise documents here in the United Kingdom.  An apostille can be obtained for such documents from the Florida Department of State.  ​

From offices in Wrington, Bristol, I, Kevin Michael Burke, would be pleased to assist you in a Florida civil law notarisation.  Please feel free to contact me from the USA or UK.  Appointments need to be made in advance.  I can sometimes make weekend appointments. So that you do not make a visit to his office when I am not available please telephone or email us to arrange an appointment in advance.  For further information call us at 01934 837280 or email

I charge my fee in the same manner as I charge as an English notary public, such being at a rate of £215 per hour or part thereof an hour.  There is a minimum fee of £75.00 which covers 20 minutes. We do not charge VAT.




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