Are you seeking to either bring a claim or defend against a claim in the Florida courts?

You may need to bring a claim or defend against a claim in Florida state or federal court. We have dealt with complicated business and real estate litigation matters to help protect our client's rights. In 2016 we represented a UK client with no connections at all to the USA against a US bank which despite our client's misidentification defense had obtained a $450,000 default judgment. The Bank's lawyer's simply refused to listen to client until we were retained, made investigations, and made clear the bank's error through online court filings of affidavits and documentary evidence. 

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Our legal services in 

England & Wales :




Please note that our services provided as an English notary public are very different from the service we provide as a commissioner of oaths in England & Wales.

Generally, the amount of work performed in acting as a commissioner of oaths in England & Wales in taking an oath is far less complex and time-consuming than is the case where a notarisation is required.

Please note that where you need documents to be recognised and effective abroad, then it is a notarisation which is to be performed.  Please note that If you need to send a document to be notarised in Australia or New Zealand or elsewhere in the Commonwealth, please note that the certification of a commissioner for oaths is generally not the equivalent of a notarised document and will likely be rejected in the United Kingdom. 

Our US federal legal services we

can provide nationally​:


Save for the US federal legal services identified above, a US lawyer can only provide legal assistance to others in accordance with the law of the state or states where he or she is licensed. 


Kevin Michael Burke is a qualified lawyer in the states of Florida and Ohio.  

If you need legal assistance for matters involving the law of US states other than Florida or Ohio, we cannot assist you and you will need to search online for a lawyer referral service in that US state to find a lawyer. 



Our US state legal services we can provide in Florida and Ohio matters:


Florida legal services:


OHIO legal services:

       Ohio legal opinions


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