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English Notarisation


I qualified as an English notary public in 2008 after completing the difficult two year post-graduate diploma course at Cambridge University.  Unlike the case in the USA where becoming a notary does not require much more than the lack of a criminal conviction and being over the age of 18 years old.  applicants who wish to become notaries public in England & Wales must already have a law degree or be a qualified lawyer in the UK. One-half of the lawyers failed or dropped out in the first year and half again failed or dropped out in the second year.  Notaries in the United Kingdom are always qualified lawyers who have then taken this further post graduate diploma qualification in notarial studies.

If you wish to qualify as a Notary Public you need to have studied a list of subjects prescribed by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although most prospective Notaries are already solicitors or barristers, or have a law degree, not all of them have studied the necessary subjects. The Faculty Office also has rules regarding the currency of qualifications, and some applicants are required to refresh subjects which they have already studied in the past.

Preparation of Wills in England & Wales

In 2011 I became a full member of STEP, The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and in 2013 received the STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation.  

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