This page provides a brief summary of the legal & notarial services we provide under the laws of England & Wales to both our business clients and private clients.  Such services include the following:

(1)  The preparation of will and codicils in England & Wales :

Kevin Michael Burke prepares wills and codicils for his clients with assets in England & Wales for many years. Please visit our webpage providing more details concerning both our wills and codicils.  

(2) The notarisation of documents in England & Wales:

​A Notary Public is a qualified lawyer appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Notaries are subject to regulation by the Master of the Faculties. The work of a notary deals with the authentication, certification, and execution of documents for use abroad. These documents may relate to overseas property, to confirming the authenticity of academic degrees or qualifications, confirmation as to the completion of tasks in an estate, in business transactions, and court proceedings, etc. 

(3) The swearing of oaths and affidavits in England & Wales.


A Commissioner for Oaths can assist you in the swearing of oaths and affidavits in England & Wales.

(4)  ID-1 identification services.


We offer ID-1 identity search services. Do you need to provide proof of identity further to the purchase or sale of residential property in England or Wales?  ​In his capacity as a Notary Public in England & Wales, Kevin Michael Burke is entitled to certify a person's identity for purposes of establishing a person's identity on Land Registry "Form ID1 - Evidence of identity for a private individual".    Section B of such form is to be completed by the person certifying the identity and that person must either be a land registry employee, a solicitor, barrister, licensed conveyancer, legal executive, notary public or a registered European lawyer.


Our legal practice offers a number of legal services in England & Wales for both UK residents and foreign nationals. It is the main role of a UK notary to certify or authenticate documents for use abroad.  Solicitors are not authorised to perform the services of notaries and documents they seek to notarise are rejected.  

* Please note that notarisation must be done in person and cannot be done through the use of Zoom or through other online means.